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It is not surprising that questions of political economy often wriggle their way into casual conversations amongst my 20-something-year-old peers, given the all-too-familiar statistics surrounding our collective employment situation (or lack thereof).[1] I am somewhat surprised, however, when these conversations repeatedly reveal an unmitigated and almost fundamentalist faith in the divine power of the free market to improve our society in every aspect, and thus to succor the growing pains of our stilted entry into the adult world[2]. Former President George W. Bush has encapsulated this belief in the connection between market logic and American progress, affirming, “trade and markets are freedom.”[3]
I firmly agree that competitive markets are the most efficient way to allocate our resources in certain realms (like consumer goods), but the boundless market enthusiasm of some millenials, even in the face of this devastating recession, is symptomatic of a broader movement to organize our entire society according…

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